Work from Home Earnings Strategy Guide

Our goal at MYCASHWARE is to help you earn some extra income in the comfort of your own home. We know all too well that working for someone else usually sucks. They continue to profit from your hard work long after you leave their company. Why not invest that time and effort into yourself and reap the rewards?

It is very easy to earn some additional income. Invest a little time and you'll be able to pay off bills and debts - and depending where you live, it can be even more lucrative. Just follow our guide and the money will start trickling in.

Where to Start - User Testing

We provide a list of sites split into different categories; however, not all categories have the same earning potential. We HIGHLY recommend you start off with user testing. It is one of the highest earnings for your time spent. The better you get at testing sites and leaving feedback, the more you will be approached with opportunities for testing more.

As with any earning site, there will not always be jobs/tasks/surveys available. User testing is no different. It is important that you sign up to as many sites as you can so that you're maximizing your opportunity to earn.

While you're waiting for new user testing opportunities, we recommend that you also signing up to as many paid surveys as possible. This will fill your inbox with survey opportunities. The objective is to have as many opportunities as possible available to you at any given time. This will give you the power to pick and choose the most profitable options.

At this point, if you still want more, you can also sign up to get paid for watching videos, playing games or searching. These are not as lucrative, but can be fun and reward you at the same time. There are companies that will pay you for completing tasks and this can be lucrative if you find the right task and you are efficient at it.

Calculate Your Earning Potential Per Hour

It is very important to calculate how much you can make per hour. Then prioritize your opportunities by highest rate per hour. In our experience the best rates per hour are:

  • User Testing
  • Paid Surveys
  • Completing Tasks

Take Your Earnings to the Next Level

If you have been following so far, you should be earning a decent amount of money per month. If you want to take your side hustle to the next level, you need to start referring other people. All the sites we feature on our website have referral programs.

With the right exposure, gaining referrals will earn you some passive income, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We are here to help. We will be updating this guide with detailed information about this shortly, but meanwhile, if you need advice on strategies to gain referrals please contact us, and we'll be glad help you out.

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