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My Cashware is an unobtrusive efficient earning software that helps you generate extra income just by leaving your computer on

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My Cashware Features

Easy Extra Income

Make money just by running our software. No work is involved!

Unobstrusive & Safe

You can go about your daily tasks, while the software harnesses a safe portion of your computer power.

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Unlimited income potential by referring others.

Low Payout Threshold

Get paid with a low minimum balance of 5$

Completely Transparent

Get detailed stats of your software usage and earnings when you log into our website.

Multiple Devices

Use our software on multiple computers and windows devices to multiply your earnings. There are no limits!

How it Works

My Cashware uses your computer power to create virtual currencies (called mining). We take the guess work out of figuring out the complexities of setting up a mining machine and which currencies are even worth mining. Let's not even get into the headache of trading these currencies for actual real money.
Mining, trading, keeping an eye on the markets; all these things are time consuming, risky and can yield absolutely nothing if not done right. By using My Cashware we are doing all these things in the background through our state of the art technical setup and forex expertise.
All generated income comes from us trading the created virtual currencies we yielded from your computer. While markets can be volatile, we do give out bonuses in addition to your earnings whenever we trade at a surplus thanks to the work of our currency portfolio management professionals.

Refer Friends & Earn More

Refer others and make an additional 20% of what they earn!

No Gimmicks. No Limits.

Secure extra income easily & with enough effort you can earn a living and even more. We do not cap your potential earnings or referrals. The sky is the limit!

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